Continuing Along With List Item #2

All right, time to update the blog… been way too long since the last entry.

Boyhood Memorial Visitor Center

We’ll begin with list item #2, visits to National Park Service units. In July, as part of the mini roller Coaster Tour, we spent some time at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. Much more than just a cabin in the woods, it’s an expansive area with a very nice visitors center and museum. Lincoln spent fourteen years here, from 1816-1830. The introductory film is even narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

Lincoln's cabin
Visitor Center Entrance

One of the more unusual features of the park is the Trail of Twelve Stones. It’s a trail winding through the woods with twelve stops, each with a stone that was important to Lincoln’s life. For example, stones from the original foundations of the White House and the Capitol, bricks from Mary Todd Lincoln’s birthplace and Abraham’s birthplace, a large block from the house where he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation… and even a stone from where he delivered the Gettysburg Address.

One of the plaques identifying the stones... this one is Gettysburg.

One of the plaques identifying the stones… this one is Gettysburg.

...and myself seated upon it.  I know, rather unexciting.

…and myself seated upon it. I know, rather unexciting.

Jan standing atop said stone...

… and Jan standing atop said stone.

I can’t help but smile if Mr. Lincoln could have known that not only did the town closest to where he spent a large chunk of his life would be called Santa Claus and include some of the best rollercoasters on earth, but that his biographical portrait would have been narrated by a beloved sci-fi icon.

The re-creation of Lincoln's boyhood residence.

The re-creation of Lincoln’s boyhood residence.

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