Just ’cause something is checked off doesn’t mean I won’t stop doing it…

OK, so #60 is Vacation with Friends in Another State. Well, that was among the first things to check off, but most of the same group got together again in Chicago for our annual Winter Weekend, and it was a great time. That shot above is from our big dinner at Quartino — a very scrummy Italian small plates restaurant. Great food, and perfect with a big group. And we celebrated Eric’s 50th and David’s 49th birthdays to boot.

Visited the Apple Store to restore a sick iPhone.

But the weekend was filled with good food — pizza at Gino’s East, cupcakes at Sprinkles, even the Anaheim Scramble breakfast at Corner Bakery. Throw in trips to the Art Institute, the Magnificent Mile and drinks at the 95th floor of the Hancock Building. Even though the wind chills were at times less than balmy, hanging with all of these guys made the chilly Windy City quite warm after all.

America Windows at the Art Institute

Some Monet lilly pads for ya'

And all sorts of folks checking out Seurat.

Water Tower

The Signature Room: drinks at 95 flights up... waaay up.

Frankly fantastic cupcakes!

And lots...

... of peeps

... all having

... a great time.

Mr. H, the 50th earth-orbit celebrant, with a new piece of graffiti at Gino's (hey, everyone in attendance has been part of a Sunken Anchor production one way or another)

But this is my favorite photo of the weekend. The Affinia was a nice hotel, and the mirrored elevators were perfectly sized for cramming our group into... Let's title this one Reflections of Fun.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Love this. Hope we can get on your list soon!

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