The first item!

First up: a Whiskey Sour for New Year’s.  Going to make something that my parents drank years ago, trying to demonstrate some modicum of maturity.

The first cocktail

Just an average first attempt.

It turned out OK, but nothing really earth-shaking. Which is just fine.  The bar has been set rather low for successive cocktail compositions.

The real attraction of the evening was Eric’s attempt to recreate Butterbeer as we sampled it at Wizarding World in October. Somewhat surprisingly, it turned out pretty great.  Not quite as fizzy as the genuine item, but he got the taste spot-on.

The alchemist at work.

The end product.

The real item in Florida, for comparison.





Yeah, this was great.













Additional fare included this black-forest trifle thing that Jana made, and Holly made truffles.  With my quiche the following morning, it was no surprise the whole crew was bloated after the merriment subsided.

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